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What To Do When Someone Hits Your Car

Hands holding smartphone taking a photo at the scene of a car crash.

It’s a busy world out there. And in the Portland and Vancouver metro areas, it’s getting even busier. Have you tried crossing the Interstate Bridge at rush hour? And have you seen how many new homes are going up in Ridgefield, Washington, lately?

With all those people rushing to and fro and fro and to — finishing errands, delivering Amazon products and pepperoni pizzas, shuttling kids to soccer games — chances are you’re gonna run into a few of them from time to time.

Or worse, they’re gonna run into you, especially if you drive in and around Portland.

According to Allstate insurance, out of 200 large American cities, Portland ranks 181st — and last in the Pacific Northwest — for driver safety based on the number of accident claims submitted.

So, what do you do when you’ve been in a car accident? Many of us haven’t taken the time to prepare ourselves for the day when we’re rear-ended on the highway or sideswiped in the mall parking lot. It’s important to familiarize ourselves with our auto insurance information. It’s also important to contact your insurer with any questions about your specific policy.

That’s why you have McCollum Auto Body to turn to! We can provide an overview of what to do after an accident. And we can get your car back to pre-loss condition — and back on the road.

McCollum Auto Body

Wondering what to do when someone hits your car? The expert techs at McCollum Auto Body can help. They’ve been in business since 1980. That’s a long time, and they’ve seen just about everything. Over the better part of four decades, they’ve spoken with literally thousands of commuters. That deep experience means they can provide some perspective on what most drivers face at one time or another: a collision that causes damage to a vehicle.

So continue reading to learn some of the most common questions that arise in the aftermath of an accident. (And even better: Learn how to answer them!)

In the meantime, contact McCollum Auto Body to discuss how we can help you get back behind the wheel of your automobile. We look forward to speaking with you and putting together a plan of action to return your car to its pre-loss condition.

And remember: We also do straight mechanical work. So if you’re hearing strange noises or your car isn’t running in tip-top shape the way it used to, we can help with that, too. We do everything from oil changes to complete transmission overhauls at our 82nd Avenue location in Portland.

Here’s What To Do When Someone Hits Your Car

Start by asking a few questions and following these basic tips:

  • Is anybody hurt? Render aid if you’re able, and call 911.
  • Did the collision happen while you were driving? Move your vehicle, if possible, to a safe location out of the roadway. Exchange information (insurance info, phone numbers) with the other party involved in the accident. Make a note of the other party’s insurer. Do they have car insurance and/or liability insurance? (Quick note: Now might be a good time to look into uninsured motorist coverage — before an uninsured motorist runs into your car.)
  • Was it a hit and run? Were there witnesses? Did anybody get a look at the license plate of the other car or a description of the driver? Take notes, if you can, or record conversations with an app on your smartphone.
  • Did somebody hit your parked car? Again, were there any witnesses? Call the police and wait with your vehicle. Did the person who hit your parked car leave a note and contact information? Did you or somebody else get a license plate number?
  • Has the other party offered to pay for damage on the spot? If so, you might want to reconsider this tactic. It’s usually best to file a claim with your insurance company. Most insurance companies have done a good job of simplifying the claims process, so unless you are absolutely certain that an offer made on the spot is enough to cover the damage, then you should go through your insurance company and have a professional auto body shop like McCollum examine the car for you. Remember, there may be damage that you can’t see. So call your insurance agent!
  • When you notify your insurance company, it’s important to ask about your specific collision coverage. If you’re found to be at fault, will this collision affect your insurance rates?
  • Check for vehicle damage. Consider using our EZ Estimate Tool.
  • Call McCollum Auto Body.

Pre-Loss Condition

At McCollum Auto Body, our customers are usually most concerned about the reliability of their vehicle’s safety features after an accident. We guarantee our work; you can feel confident that your vehicle will operate as intended and according to manufacturers’ specifications.

Why? Because at McCollum, we emphasize the following:

  • Expertise, safety, efficiency. Our techs receive continual training to stay informed of the latest manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Outstanding customer service. We want to make you a customer for life.
  • No-hassle, transferable warranty. We guarantee our work for the life of the vehicle — even after you no longer own it.

With four convenient locations to serve you, McCollum Auto Body is the only body shop in Portland and Vancouver that you’ll ever need.

Get Your Car Back To Pre-Loss Condition