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The McCollum Auto Body Process

Let’s say you’ve had an accident. Your car is in bad shape, so you bring it to one of McCollum Auto Body’s four locations in Portland, Vancouver or Eugene.

Great decision! McCollum will handle the details and the paperwork. And we’ll loan or rent a car on your behalf so that you’ll be able to continue living your life while your car is in the shop.

And then … ?

Voila! We call you when your vehicle is ready, and you discover that it looks and drives as good as new.

What happened? What sort of magic did the master techs at McCollum summon to get the job done?

That’s exactly the kind of response we love to see from our customers. They entrust their vehicles to the experts at McCollum, and we deliver on our promise to return their vehicles to pre-loss condition.

McCollum Auto Body

As much as we’d like to say that our skills are otherworldly, what’s really happening is much more down to earth.

To put it simply, it seems like magic because we’re the best in the business. At McCollum, we have the technology, the people, and the good ol’ fashioned nuts-and-bolts know-how to get the job done.

The modern auto body business is an incredibly sophisticated endeavor — more techie than mechanical sometimes. Modern vehicles are truly rolling computers!

Understandably, though, most of our customers are only concerned with the end product — that is to say, with the results. Makes sense. But for those who’d like a glimpse behind the scenes, we’ve put together some information about the McCollum Auto Body Repair Process.

And so, without further ado, let’s pull back the curtain …

McCollum Auto Body Process

The driving force behind our process is to live up to the high standards established by our founder, Dave Sr., and the McCollum Guarantee: a lifetime warranty on our work for as long as you own the car.

It’s that guarantee that provides peace of mind to our customers. Achieving that standard and maintaining consistent excellence in our work requires high-level oversight and quality assurances at every step of the repair process.

Our process also keeps McCollum ahead of the industry average in terms of turnaround time. What does that mean? It means our customers get their vehicles back on the road about two days faster than the market average.

The Auto Body Process

Our expert techs get to work almost as soon as you bring your vehicle into the shop. We use the latest electronic scanning equipment: precision laser- and frame-measuring systems to diagnose the extent of the damage. Think of it as an X-ray that reveals things we can’t see with the naked eye. This step allows our team to start work on returning vehicles to pre-loss condition according to manufacturers’ and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Next, we disassemble the vehicle and build a blueprint for how we’ll return it to pre-loss condition — step-by-step and part-by-part.

Then we do the necessary body work, painting, and refinishing.

Finally, we get started on reassembly before heading to the detail shop for a final quality check.

Quality Checks

At every step of the process, McCollum techs perform quality checks (we call them QCs) to ensure the work is done according to the exacting and rigorous steps and requirements of the individual vehicle manufacturers. This ensures that our customers’ vehicles will still be covered by manufacturers’ warranties.

McCollum Auto Body hires a third-party vendor who is an expert on repair processes, OEM certifications and standards, and industry best practices. This third party audits our work — and our staff and management team are never informed of an impending visit. This process ensures that the customer’s vehicle is returned to its exacting pre-loss specifications.

Afterward, we do a survey follow-up to make sure everything is operating as it should and that the customer is completely satisfied with our service.

So there you have it! Contact McCollum Auto Body and let us get to work on your vehicle today!

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