Car Detailing Portland

Red car with foam in car wash to illustrate car detailing Portland.

Car Detailing Portland Oregon: McCollum Automotive

If you’ve been wondering about Portland car detailing, we’d like to tell you about a popular program that we offer to our valued customers.

McCollum Automotive in Portland provides a Detail for Life service. What is it? It’s a special perk we’ve put together for those who choose to have their vehicles serviced under the Big Blue M.

Basically, we’ll give your vehicle an exterior wash and a thorough interior detailing — which includes a vacuum, window cleaning, and a dashboard wipedown — for as long as you own your car.

McCollum Automotive provides this service at each of our four locations. So if you’re searching for quality mechanical and auto body service in greater Portland, Oregon, then we’re the place to go.

The fact that we also provide auto detailing at its finest — a car wash with a smile! — for as long as you own your car … ? Well, that’s just icing on the top of the cake! Or is it icing on top of the icing on top of the cake?

McCollum Automotive Shop in Portland

No-charge Detail for Life is one of the ways we reward our loyal customers. If you need car detailing in Portland, then head to one of our two Portland locations and let us service your vehicle. Then just join the club!

We pledge to do our best — and our best is, quite frankly, the best. We work hard to impress with our workmanship, our technological savvy, and our standard-setting customer service.

Our location:

McCollum Automotive – SE 82nd Avenue

6013 SE 82nd Ave

Portland, OR

Mechanical Repairs ONLY

Car Detailing Portland: Under The Big Blue M

There are plenty of places to go that provide an exterior hand wash as part of some expensive exterior detailing packages. McCollum customers get this package for free. 

The McCollum family has been providing the industry’s best and most expert vehicle collision repair, auto body repair, and mechanical services since 1980.

That’s the main reason our Portland neighbors — and those from out of town! — return to us each and every time they need vehicle service. Now, on top of all that, we also deliver expert vehicle detailing services.

As time marches on and modern vehicles become more and more sophisticated, McCollum stays on top of the latest trends in both technology and manufacturers’ recommendations. That means we’ll return your vehicle to its pre-loss condition so that it both looks and drives like new.

The Detail for Life program will help keep your vehicle looking good.

Our expert vehicle technicians will keep it driving at peak performance.

Car Detailing Details

To recap: For as long as you own your car, you can bring it in four times a year for car detailing services. Get in touch with us now to learn how to qualify.

Then? Head in once a season — winter, spring, summer, or fall! — for detailing. 

Please note: As we mentioned above, our McCollum Automotive on Southeast 82nd Avenue only does mechanical work.

These are the oldest shops in the McCollum family of businesses. It’s where we began to deliver on our promises to our customers — and to uphold the standards of excellence and expertise that we still adhere to today.

Contact McCollum Automotive today for more information or to schedule your detailing.

Please note: Detail for Life does not transfer to a vehicle’s new owner.