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OEM Certifications and Training

What are “OEM specifications”? What does it mean to be “OEM certified”?

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer.” Simply put, the OEM is the manufacturer of the automotive parts that were installed during the construction of a new vehicle. Putting it even more bluntly: If you own a Honda, then Honda is your vehicle’s OEM.

Since McCollum Auto Body is OEM certified, we’re entrusted to fix vehicles according to the exacting specifications of the manufacturer. When McCollum says it will fix your vehicle according to OEM specifications, it means the work we do will still be protected by the vehicle manufacturers’ warranty. That’s important, because not every car dealership has its own body shop.

By the way, OEM certification is earned not bought. The certification process includes a continuous and rigorous training program whereby the manufacturers endorse McCollum Auto Body because we meet the standards they set for safety and reliability.

In other words, it’s more than just window dressing. An OEM certification means McCollum has achieved the highest level of training on a particular make and model of vehicle.

And it’s an extremely high standard. For our customers, it means that we have access to both the ongoing training and continuously updated documentation that prepare our techs for the quality service our customers have come to expect.

With OEM certifications, McCollum Auto Body can provide you with peace of mind, since you’ll know your dealership will continue to honor your vehicle’s warranty.

Manufacturers are constantly checking to make sure that all OEM data is up to date. McCollum subscribes to this OEM data — another service that sets us apart. Automakers are involved at a high level to ensure they only certify reputable shops — i.e., those with the right amount of training, equipment, and protocols.

McCollum technicians and estimators undergo continual training in order to remain compliant. With an OEM certification, automakers give McCollum a stamp of approval, because they know we repair vehicles according to their exacting standards.

The image of an auto mechanic as nothing more than an oil-covered worker brandishing hammers and blow torches is a little outdated. In reality, we are highly trained technicians that know precisely how to fix vehicles in specific, data-driven, and verifiable ways.

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